Funding Innovative Medical Research

The Feldstein Medical Foundation has funded over $3 Million of research through the following projects:

Year Institution Principal Investigator Project Title Research Category
2009Shriners Hospitals for Children Northern CaliforniaDr. Wenbin DengPathogenesis of Periventricular LeukomalaciaBasic Science
2009Stony Brook UniversityDr. Roman KotovNew Classification of Bipolar, Depressive, and Anxiety DisordersTranslational
2009Henry Ford Health SystemDr. Ganesa WegienkaThe role of hormones in asthma exacerbation in adult womenTranslational
2009SUNY Downstate Medical CenterDr. Stacy BlainDevelopment of a Gene Therapy Vector that Kills Metastatic Breast CancerBasic Science
2011Hospital for Special SurgeryDr. Qiu GuoMicroRNA Regulation of the Interferon Pathway in SLEBasic Science
2011Stony Brook UniversityDr. Balaji SitharamanMulticolor Nanoprobes to Detect Infectious Agents in Neglected DiseasesBasic Science
2011NYU Langone Medical CenterDr. Lawrence GardnerNonsense mediated RNA decay regulation of cancer pathwaysBasic Science
2011Columbia University Medical CenterDr. Hui ZhangRegulation of Dopamine Transmission by GABAa ReceptorsBasic Science
2012UMDNJ - Robert Wood Johnson Medical SchoolDr. Henry HsiaDeveloping new and personalized approaches for healing challenging woundsBasic Science
2012Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva UniversityDr. Ulrich SteidlAcute Myeloid Leukemia and Myelodysplstic SyndromeBasic Science
2012Stony Brook UniversityDr. Shaoyu GeA role for primary cilia of adult-born neurons in hippocampal behaviorBasic Science
2012Weill Medical College of Cornell UniversityDr. Mirella SalvatoreTargeted vector delivery for rapid protection from infectious diseasesBasic Science
2013Rutgers - NJMSDr. Amariliz RiveraDistinct contributions of human monocyte subsets to antifungal defenseBasic Science
2013Columbia University Medical CenterDr. Filippo ManciaA novel mRNA display platform to evolve stable mutants of human membrane proteins for structure determination by X-ray crystallographyBasic Science
2013Stony Brook UniversityDr. Markus SeeligerNew tools to hit moving targets in cancer therapyBasic Science
2013lcahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiDr. Jonathan RippA Support Group Intervention to Decrease Job Burnout in First-Year Internal Medicine ResidentsEducation
2014Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva UniversityDr. Adam FriedmanCurcumin Nanoparticles as an Innovative, Multi-mechanistic Antimicrobial and Wound Healing AccelerantTranslational
2014Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva UniversityDr. Deepa RastogiThe role of metabolic dysregulation in pediatric obesity-related asthmaBasic Science
2014Columbia University Medical CenterDr. Christine HendonThree-dimensional correlated electrical conduction and tissue microstructureBasic Science
2014Weill Medical College of Cornell UniversityDr. Hector Peinado SelgasCharacterization of lymphatic fluid circulating vesicles as novel biomarkers of metastasiTranslational
2015Stony Brook UniversityDr. Chia-Hsin ChanNew strategies and agents to tackle tumor heterogeneityBasic Science
2015Rutgers - New Jersey Medical SchoolDr. Mona BatishDevelopment of new diagnostic assays and identification of novel therapeutic targets for Ewing’s Sarcoma using single molecule RNA imagingBasic Science
2015Albert Einstein College of Medicine / NYU School of MedicineDr. Jeanette BeasleyThe relationship between cardiometabolic risk factors and enterolignans (enterolactone and enterodiol)Basic Science
2015New York University School of MedicineDr. Michael HalassaNew circuit-based targets for sleep and attentional disordersTranslational
2015Hospital for Special SurgeryDr. George KallioliasTNFa confers pathogenic memory to RA FLS by inducing super-enhancersBasic Science
2016Albert Einstein College of MedicineDr. Qibin QiGut microbiota, metabolites and diabetes in HIV infectionTranslational
2016NYU School of MedicineDr. Jori FleisherVaccination Uptake in an Interdisciplinary Home Visit Program for Advanced Parkinson's DiseaseTranslational
2016Rutgers University - New Jersey Medical SchoolDr. Karen EdelblumMicrobial associated molecular pattern regulation of IEL/epithelial interactionsBasic Science
2016Weill Medical College of Cornell UniversityDr. Jihye PaikTransdifferentiation is the molecular underpinning of targeted therapy resistance in gliomasBasic Science
2017Stony Brook UniversityDr. Flaminia Maria TalosDirect conversion of fibroblasts into bladder epitheliaBasic Science
2017Albert Einstein College of MedicineDr. Britta WillChaperone-mediated autophagy in premalignant hematopoietic stem cellsBasic Science
2017Hospital for Special SurgeryDr. Miguel OteroFunctional Genomics and Clinical Outcomes to Assess the Efficacy of Platelet-Rich Plasma as a Treatment for Knee OsteoarthritisTranslational
2017NYU School of MedicineDr. Anli LiuLow frequency acoustic stimulation during sleep for seizure suppressionTranslational
2018Hospital for Special SurgeryDr. Xu YangEnhancement of Osseointegration by Targeting Osteoblast-Mediated AngiogenesisBasic Science
2018Rutgers - New Jersey Medical SchoolDr. Tessa BergsbakenTissue IL-33 programs resident memory CD8+ T cells during infectionBasic Science
2018Columbia University Medical CenterDr. Daniel FreedbergDietary Fiber to Prevent Loss of Gastrointestinal Colonization Resistance and Pathogen Colonization in the Intensive Care UnitTranslational
2018NYU School of MedicineDr. Stacy LoebEducational Intervention on Active Surveillance for Prostate CancerTranslational
2019Rutgers - Robert Wood Johnson Medical SchoolDr. Pingyue PanProtective Signaling Mechanisms of Nicotine in Dopamine NeuronsBasic Science
2019Weill Cornell Medical CollegeDr. James LoTargeting a Transcriptional Pathway to Improve Fat Cell Health and Treat DiabetesBasic Science
2019Hospital for Special SurgeryDr. Laura DonlinPrecise diagnosis of prosthetic joint infections using next-generation sequencingTranslational
2019Stony Brook UniversityDr. Jignesh PatelThe Role of Inflammatory Cytokines in Adults with Cardiac ArrestTranslational
2020NYU Grossman School of MedicineDr. Kevin ChanRole of insulin resistance in the eye and brainBasic Science
2020Albert Einstein College of MedicineDr. Meelad DawlatyEpigenetic regulation of mammalian embryonic hematopoiesis by Tet enzymesBasic Science
2020Columbia University Medical CenterDr. Angela Gomez-SimmondsLong-range sequencing to elucidate multispecies, plasmid-mediated transmission of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase resistance in an intensive care unitTranslational
2020Weill Cornell Medical CollegeDr. Elena PiskounovaThe role of the selenocysteine proteome in melanoma metastasisBasic Science