"Characterization of lymphatic fluid circulating vesicles as novel biomarkers of metastasis"

Year: 2014

Institution: Weill Cornell Medical College

Principal Investigator: Dr. Hector Peinado Selgas

Research Category: Translational


Metastasis is the most devastating phase of tumor progression in all cancers as commonly observed in melanoma. In our laboratory we are analysing the role of small vesicles secreted by the tumor (called exosomes) in tumor progression and metastasis. Our data suggest that tumor-derived exosomes can circulate in the lymphatic fluid reinforcing tumor metastasis. While blood samples are routinely analysed, lymphatic fluid has been greatly overlooked for its potential for novel biomarkers in cancer progression. We propose use lymphatic fluid circulating exosomes as novel biomarkers of melanoma progression. Our studies in cancer patients will be the first analysing new markers in negative sentinel lymph nodes to predict recurrent disease and metastasis. The goal of the current project is to determine the composition of the lymphatic fluid vesicles and develop new markers to predict and block metastasis.


The above project description has been supplied by the Principal Investigator