"The Role of Inflammatory Cytokines in Adults with Cardiac Arrest"

Year: 2019

Institution: Stony Brook University

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jignesh Patel

Research Category: Translational


Despite numerous advances in cardiac arrest (CA) care, morbidity and mortality remain high.
Early prediction of mortality and neurologic outcomes in adults after in-hospital cardiac arrest
(IHCA) remains vital to optimizing treatment strategies. The post-cardiac arrest syndrome is a
complex set of pathophysiological processes consisting of brain injury, myocardial depression,
and systemic ischemia-reperfusion injury. Cerebral oximetry (rSO2) levels have been associated
with improved clinical outcomes in adults with CA. To date, no studies have evaluated the impact
of inflammatory cytokines on rSO2 and outcomes in patients with IHCA. The goal of this grant
application is to test the hypothesis that early inflammatory markers are independently associated
with rSO2, in-hospital mortality and neurological outcomes in patients resuscitated from IHCA.
These associations would be clinically significant with the prospect of changing the paradigm of
resuscitation protocols by allowing early prognostication and identification of therapeutic targets
for new interventions to improve outcomes.


The above project description has been supplied by the Principal Investigator