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"The role of metabolic dysregulation in pediatric obesity-related asthma"
Principal Investigator: Dr. Deepa Rastogi
Institution: Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University

Obese asthmatics have increased asthma severity and suboptimal response to
conventional asthma management, likely due to a non-allergic pattern of T cell
inflammation that differs from allergic inflammation found in normal-weight
asthmatics. Preliminary studies in our lab suggest that obesity-related metabolic
abnormalities, including insulin resistance, may play a role in the molecular
mechanisms associated with non-allergic inflammation found among obese
asthmatics. Our proposed studies will investigate T cell gene expression, its
epigenetic determinants, and their association with metabolic abnormalities to
identify key molecules and their associated pathways specific to inflammation
observed in obesity-associated asthma. While key molecules and pathways will
identify novel targets for therapeutic interventions and improve our
understanding of mechanisms linked to obesity-associated asthma, the
relationships identified with metabolic abnormalities may be used to screen
high-risk individuals.
The above project description is supplied by the Principal Investigator